Coach Karen Mackin

Karen has over 30 years of experience in a variety of endurance sports.  Her introduction to endurance sports began with running, but eventually, she found a passion for bike racing and triathlon.  In the early nineties she began studying and practicing coaching skills, while mentoring her fellow teammates.  Her interest and desire to help athletes ultimately grew into a 20+ year coaching career. She has coached a wide variety of athletes from those who are simply interested in improving their fitness, to those desiring better performance at local and regional races, to National and World Championship competitors.

Coaching Philosophy:

Karen’s philosophy is based on her experiences both in Life, Racing and Coaching. She believes in a holistic approach where sport is balanced with family, work, and relaxation. Karen explains, “It’s very important to know what your priorities are, and base your training/racing around those priorities”. Karen explains, “Every athlete is unique and deserves a training program that starts at their current ability and evolves as their fitness improves”. She believes the best way to do this is through building a strong athlete/coach relationship based on mutual trust and good communication. Karen works best with athletes who are willing to meticulously log and/or download their workouts. “I love it when I know exactly what my athletes do (or don’t do) for every workout. It enables me to really dial into what they need in order to succeed at whatever goals they have set for themselves.” She believes, the more you put in (communications/relationship), the more you get out (better programming and ultimately improved performance)!  She draws her strong analytic skills from her former Engineering/Software Systems Career. This experience, enhances her ability to see trends, anomalies, training habits, and other important information from training device downloads.

Athletic and Coaching History:

Karen has extensive experience in a variety of endurance sports.



Health and Safety: